Katalin’s film producer carrier has been started at 2010. Since then Katalin is very active in the film industry mainly working as independent film producer in many Hungarian and international feature films.

Prior from 1993 she has been in the management consulting business and worked as marketing and PR consultant for large corporations.

Before Brooks Film Katalin has founded Brooks Publishing. Brooks Publishing house mainly publishes Duncan Shelley’s books.

I began my studies at the Academy of Film Werk in 2011, and was carried out in Los Angeles in 2012, a filmmaking course in New York Film Academy. From 2012 ELTE BFA student at screenwriting, directing, producing knowledge I learn. From 2015 studet on ELTE Filmscience MA degree.


Completed films, on which I worked as a producer:

Shame – Short Film (Director: Katalin Weith) (2012)

Eder Home – Short Film (Director: Gárdonyi Edit) (2013)

Dear Elsa – Hungarian fiction (Director: Zoltan Fule) (2014) (Website: www.dragaelza.hu)

Retorzio – Shortfilm (Director: Daniele Füzesi) (2014)

Fling – Shortfilm (director Ricardo Contreras) (2014)

Courage of Two – Hungarian-American co-production (Director Kristopher Ballard) (2015)

I deserve – Short Film (Director: Katalin Weith) (2017)

Being prepared films, which work as a producer:

The Taste of Fear – international co-production (2016) (development)

The Murderers of the Mind – international co-production (2016) (development)









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